Learn more about each one of our unique programs designed for almost any goal out there.

Strength & Conditioning

An all encompassing training program designed to improve all areas of your fitness

Focus and Structured Approach

Increase both Strength and Overall Fitness Endurance

60-90 Minutes

5 Days per Week

Need Traditional Gym Equipment

Strength & Conditioning

It's Always Beach Season

A full body pump that incorporates traditional exercises with a touch of functional movements too.

Hit Most Body Parts Every Workout

Keep your Favorite Muscles Primed

45 - 60 Minutes

5 Days per Week

Need access to traditional gym equipment

it’s always beach season

daily hustle

A very efficient approach to training for those who want to minimize time spent in the gym without sacrificing the results gained.

An All Encompassing Training Style

Maximize Efficiency, Break a Sweat, Consistently See Progress

45 - 60 Minutes

5 Days per Week

Mostly Dumbbells & Kettlebells

Daily Hustle

Before and after
Top shelf training

about Trainer

Jake Saylor

Hey there, I’m Jake. My passion for fitness started early on, fueled by my love for sports. After playing collegiate baseball at the University of Cincinnati, I realized I had spent over eight years honing my strength and conditioning. That passion didn’t fade away; it intensified. I decided to dig deeper by enrolling in a Master’s Program in Health & Wellness at Arizona State University. I focused on Strength & Conditioning, which has become the cornerstone of my 7+ years of coaching experience.

 I’m not just sitting on past knowledge, though. Every year, I’m committed to learning new techniques to better serve your fitness goals. I can’t wait to share my expertise and journey with you as we work together to achieve your ultimate fitness vision. I look forward to meeting you!


Success Stories from Real People Like You!

"Top Shelf gave me my confidence back!"
I started my one-on-one sessions with Jake back in 2021. It's one of the most common new years resolutions but it has stuck for almost two years! Before my first day, I questioned whether I could do this. What if I was too weak? Would he push me too hard? Would I be put on too strict of a diet? Jake put those worries to rest. He got to know me, he asked questions to understand my goals better, and offered excellent advice for dieting, and never encourages you to eat too little. You will be getting an abundance of support! More importantly, I feel so much happier in my skin again.
Lauren Amador
Training with Jake at TST has been a game changer! Jake provides a fun, safe, energetic atmosphere and he brings years of knowledge and experience. I've been working out at TST for just over one year and I've seen considerable results. I'd recommend Jake and TST to all of my friends, regardless of their experience level.
Connor Lewis
Working with Jake helped me break out of an endless cycle of injury and recovery. Since teaming up with Top Shelf, I can do more, with less pain, than I could when I was 10 years younger.
Brian Schoepfle
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