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Learn more about our services and benefits below! For us, fitness is about committing to being your BEST self, having a strong community, and a consistent approach to working hard. That’s how you achieve results that you can be proud of!

Service 1

personal training

Experience 1-on-1 Coaching in your very own private Personal Training session! No matter your starting point or experience level we are here to help. You will be able to work with a trainer side by side to discuss your goals, nutrition habits, weekly routine, and any obstacles or concerns you may have. Together, your trainer and you will put together a plan to kickstart your fitness journey and push you towards the results YOU want! Along the way you will increase your knowledge of fitness, your exercise technique, and your confidence in being able to navigate a gym and all it can offer. We appreciate any opportunity to help anyone interested in becoming a better version of themself.

Service 2

small group training

All the benefits that are in Personal Training can be gained with the company of your friends and or like minded individuals who are equally trying to be their best. It will provide a positive and encouraging environment that is highly motivational in achieving results. Come try a group session with us and your friends!

Service 3

online programming

Not all of us need a personal trainer or don’t have the access to one? Don’t sweat it we got the answer for that as well. Top Shelf Training provides online workouts through our unique and effective programming. Subscribe to our online training and receive unlimited workouts to help you and all your fitness needs!
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It's easier to reach your fitness and wellness goals when you're not doing it alone. Our qualified fitness coach, Jake Saylor, is here to provide the personalized support and guidance you need. Whether it's weight loss, muscle building, or mental wellness, we’ve got you covered.

When you train with Top Shelf, you receive your very own personalized fitness plan. We work with you to understand everything you need and want out of your experience with us. We will talk about goals, experiences, concerns, and ideas to help overcome anything that is hindering you getting to be your best! We do this by providing you with your own workouts, your own nutritional guidance, and your own tips and tricks to keep you active and healthy even when you’re not with us.
Even though our focus is what we do in the gym, we know that Nutrition is equally as important to helping us achieve our very best! Right from the start with out consultation and continuing throughout your journey with us we will be providing you information, tips, and feedback on how to navigate your way through making the right nutritional decisions. We know it isn’t easy and so we are always here to help and provide a comfortable environment where you can express any concern or troubles you may be encountering.
Top Shelf Training has an app! Any client that has a Personal Training or Small Group Training membership will have access to our App included with their membership. Also, any client that is subscribing to our online workouts it will be included in that as well. The app will allow you to view the day’s workout, navigate through the multiple programs we have, as well input and track all of your workout results. Once you sign-up you will immediately have access to all of the previous workouts as well as any new ones that get posted daily.
Within the online app you will be able to see all of the workouts offered daily while also being able to go back and try out any workout that was previously posted. Want to try a workout a second time and try to best your score? That too is allowed and a great way to test your new found fitness and ability! We will have benchmark workouts that are designed specifically for this reason.